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Woman Finds Fish Hook In Dinner And Prepares To Sue

There are, unfortunately, many scammers in the world who try to take the easy route to making income. By now everyone has heard of the spam e-mails telling users that they have won the lottery/inheritance, etc. in Africa, or somewhere similar, and all they need to do to claim their cash is send them more cash. Lots of people actually fell for this, seemingly obvious, scam before it became widely known as a big no-no. Restaurants also fall prey to people trying to score a free meal. The newest attempt to not only gain a fully comped meal but a very pricey lawsuit as well. A woman allegedly found a two inch long fishing hook, complete with a bit of fishing line, inside of a fish that she was served for dinner at the restaurant, Villagio At The Park, in New York City. People at CipherCloud have heard that the establishment’s owners are calling the woman’s bluff by saying that without a doubt she placed that hook in her dinner. The fish she ordered, branzino, is ordered from a farm that utilizes nets rather than hooks when harvesting the fish. There will likely be a counter lawsuit against the woman for extortion.

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