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Noted International E-Commerce Company QNET Ltd

QNET Ltd. is an international direct selling firm that produces a wide array of lifestyle products from many different markets. These varied markets include but aren’t limited to retail, telecommunications, financial services, luxury, leisure, travel, wellness, home care, education and personal care. QNET Ltd. is run by Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran, who also happens to be the founder. QNET Ltd. has been in business since 1998.

QNET Ltd.’s head office is in Hong Kong. The prominent direct selling company employs multilevel marketing strategies to reach potential customers. They have distributors all around the world working on marketing and promoting all of their latest and most innovative lifestyle offerings.

QNET Ltd.’s team consists of people who work in entrepreneurial networking promotions and marketing. These networking professionals help QNET Ltd. access approximately 7 million consumers located all over the globe. The company relies on a solid e-Commerce technique to distribute and spread the news about their extensive selection of products. QNET Ltd. is known for selling luxurious, top-tier items. The company at the same time is also known for selling basic daily necessities. QNET Ltd. manufactures a wide array of jewelry products. The company also manufacturers many skincare and cosmetics products.

QNET Ltd. has received several awards honoring its work and achievements. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service gave the company the Caring Company Logo award, for example. The company CEO Eswaran has also received several awards of his own. In November of 2013, he was named “CEO of the Year” at the Malaysian Business Awards. The ASEAN Business Advisory Council for Malaysia granted Eswaran that coveted distinction.

While QNET Ltd.’s main office is in bustling Hong Kong, that’s not the company’s sole presence. The firm also has offices in nearby Asian nations and destinations including Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. QNET Ltd. even has a branch in the Middle Eastern nation of the United Arab Emirates.

QNET Ltd. regularly promotes its newest available products on popular social media websites. The firm has official accounts with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Not only does QNET Ltd. post photographs of their products on social networking pages, but they also post inspirational quotes and messages from the company founder. People who follow the company’s Twitter account can receive links to tutorials for some of their available products. The official QNET Youtube channel has a video tutorial for BrilNet and web conferencing with tablets.

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