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Tom Rothman Being Considered For Co-Chairman Post At Sony Pictures

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Amy Pascal, after 15 years as a co-chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment, will be stepping down this spring. Her contract expires in March, but she plans to stay until May to help her successor make the transition. The question, of course, is who will be her successor?

Tom Rothman and Jeff Robinov are currently believed to be the front runners. They were both studio heads at 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., respectively. Both now currently work at Sony; Rothman runs TriStar and Robinov runs Studio 8, a new enterprise that has received $1 billion from several U.S. banks and China’s Fosun Group.

“The Hollywood Reporter’s” sources claim that Sony did not appear to have told either executive of its plans. Nor did it inform anybody else closely associated with the studio. Both Rothman and Robinov were also out of the country when Pascal announced her departure.

Robinov’s Studio 8 is a new and profitable venture that he may not want to leave just yet. Rothman, on the other hand, may have been hurt by embarrassing e-mails that were leaked when Sony was hacked last November. In one, he made fun of actor Will Smith’s children for being home-schooled. Both men do get along well with actors like Pascal herself does. Rothman also has the added advantage of a reputation for being fiscally conservative, in contrast to Pascal who some considered a spendthrift.

If Sony decides to promote from within, its other options include Doug Belgrad, the President of Columbia Pictures, and Michael De Luca, Sony’s president of production. If Sony decides to look farther afield, the possibilities are limited Among them is Stacy Snider, who recently took a senior post at Fox. Adam Fogelson used to run Universal until 2013 and now runs the new STX studio. Three executives, Toby Emmerich, Sue Kroll and Greg Silverman are running the film studio at Warner Bros.

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