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Charles Haley: Tom Brady a ‘Cheat’


Tom Brady may be fresh off of another dramatic Super Bowl victory, that almost slipped through his fingers, but that hasn’t stopped his possible detractors from lumping on their own statements against him as a person and as a player. Charles Haley, a Hall of Famer for the NFL, was quick to point out that he didn’t have any respect for the way Brady operated.

Charles Haley was asked whether or not he would choose Brady over longtime NFL legend Joe Montana and his answer was pretty succinct said Susan McGalla. According to, Haley said that Montana didn’t “have to cheat”. Haley went on to explain that he had lost all the respect he had for Brady, in relation to ‘DeflateGate’. Haley went on to say that, “When your integrity is challenged in the game of football, all his Super Bowls are tainted.” Haley continued to downplay the ability of the Patriots by saying that Belichick was in on it as much as anyone. Haley told reporters that things don’t “happen overnight”. He went on to compare the 12 deflated Patriot footballs to the 12 properly inflated Colt footballs.

Charlse Haley knows a little bit about Super Bowls as he won three rings of his own with the Dallas Cowboys. Haley is in the press thanks to his recent induction into the Hall of Fame. Haley seems to be firmly in opposition of the Patriots and how the NFL has been treating them.

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