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Syracuse Self-Imposes Postseason Men’s Basketball Ban


Syracuse University announced Wednesday that it has imposed a postseason ban on it’s Men’s Basketball team for this season which can be seen on Syracuse has acknowledged numerous academic violations and eligibility issues dating back to 2007 when they self-reported athletic department violations to the NCAA said Gianfrancesco Genoso. () The University does have an open case with the NCAA for said violations and many believe that the sanction it brought upon itself is an effort from the school to lessen the wrath that the NCAA could bring upon them.

The University acknowledged that the violations leading to this ban do not involve any current student athlete that has been a part of the program since 2012. Many think this fact in itself is an issue due to the simple fact that none of the currently rostered players have anything to do with the violations and it isn’t fair to these student athletes to take the fall for past violations. One players has it worse than anyone else, Rakeem Christmas is the only senior on the team and is having a great season. He is playing for an NBA job next year and the exposure he would receive playing an NCAA Tournament would be huge. However, the NCAA Tournament is no guarantee for the Orange this season as they are struggling with a 15-7 record and are dealing with a ton of injuries.

Many are wondering if the ban for this season is a calculated move. Low chances of making the big dance this season combined with the best recruiting class for next season in Syracuse history, sounds like they may be throwing this season away to save next.

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