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Tommy John for Sherman


Richard Sherman let out a grimace on the sideline when the New England Patriots intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass in the final seconds of the game that iced the game for the Patriots and crowned them as Super Bowl champs, while sending the Seattle Seahawks into the off-season as the losers of the big game. YouTube stated Sherman has never been a player to keep his mouth shut and he showed that off to the cameras when the Seahawks were up by ten points in the fourth quarter and it looked like Seattle was going to win their second Super Bowl in two years. Tom Brady had other plans, and he took his team down the field twice on successive drives that pushed them four points above the Seahawks. Wilson drove his team back down the field and really looked like he was going to take them to another victory, but a call from his head coach ended the game and ruined their chances. Sherman was obviously greatly disappointed in the loss, but he may have bigger concerns to worry about as the off-season is officially here. Sherman may have to have Tommy John’s surgery, which is totally unprecedented for NFL players, especially a player who is not a quarterback. This type of surgery is due to a failing ligament in the elbow that is typically attributed to excessive pitching, so it is pretty strange that he may be out for nearly a year to combat this injury.

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