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Houston We Have a Problem, Chicago Drops Another Game.

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls are healthy and at least they got that going for them. Because certainly there has been little else to cheer for in recent weeks. After exploding out of the gate behind an almost MVP like effort from Jimmy Butler, Chicago has begun to stagnate. The Bulls have fallen to 30-20, with most of those losses coming at home, and they’ve proceeded to lose a lot of steam. If Chicago wants to be there at the end of the year then they need to get things going fast. A loss against the Rockets in Houston has been the latest black eye on their rough and tumble season.

Beltyukov described how Chicago headed into the Toyota Center desperate to get things right, and why wouldn’t they be? In order to be an NBA Championship caliber team you have to be able to beat other championship contenders. Houston is one of the best teams in the West so this looked like a great way to get their groove back. Chicago hung around until things got out of hand at the end of the 2nd quarter. THey tried to close the gap but a bad 4th quarter put things out of hand. Jimmy Butler neutralized James Harden on offense but the rest of the team was pretty incapable. Joakim Noah went 0-8 and the bench crew did little else to help the effort.

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