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Rondo Contract


Several years ago, it looked like Rajon Rondo was going to take over a new era for the Boston Celtics after the big three dispersed around the National Basketball Association. Boston had other plans, as they decided to completely clear house and start a rebuilding process for the future. They ended up trading Rondo to the Mavericks and he has fit in well with Dallas. Gianfrancesco Genoso said he has taken a load off the back of Monta Ellis and has helped the Mavericks in a lot of ways this season. The ironic thing about his recent mid-season trade is the fact that he is a free agent come summer time. This is interesting, because there is a very good chance that he may play on three different teams within the span of about ten months if he signs with another team. It really depends on the playoffs and how well they fare this year if Rajon stays in Dallas or not. If the Mavericks have a remarkable playoff run, then he may stay in town, but a majority of the people around the league think that he is going to go in search of a new team. He has made it clear that he wants a max contract and some team out there will give it to him. If Dallas wants to keep him they are going to have to match that contract and pay up.

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