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Have you heard of Dr. Daniel Amen?

If you’ve heard of Pastor Rick Warren, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Daniel Amen. The two worked together on their book The Daniel Plan which has positively affected thousands of people of faith. But who exactly is Dr. Daniel Amen? I wrote up a little profile of him for readers here…

Dr. Daniel Amen is a first generation citizen who was born to Lebanese immigrants in 1954. Since his birth in Encino, California, Dr. Daniel Amen has gone on to great things and has bemuse not only a psychiatrist, but also a brain disorder specialist working throughout California.. He also is a New York Times bestselling author. So, form humble beginnings, Dr. Daniel Amen has achieved so much in his time so far and he continues to push the boundaries in ways to help others around him. 

Dr. Daniel Amen remained in the state of California for his undergraduates degree, which was a BA in biology from the Southern California College. From there, he graduated from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, which he completed in 1982. From there, he went on to obtain his general psychiatric training in Washington, D.C. at the Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. He even received training fro child and adolescent psychiatry at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. He received over 200 hours of training in order to receive his radioactive materials license from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education and worked in this field for several years after that. 

After receiving all of his certifications from various institutions and learning centers, Dr. Daniel Amen because the CEO in addition to medical director of six different Amen Clinics. He has also become a rather prominent speaker on the subject of brain disorders, especially when focusing on child mental conditions. He uses a SPECT scan in order to monitor brain activity, which he compares from a patient to that of a healthy model. While he does this with children who are believed to suffer from mental disorders, he also has worked with various athletes to see if sudden injuries, concussions or other injuries around the head play any sort of role in the development of mental disorders and other brain conditions. In fact, in the last five years Dr. Daniel Amen has scanned over 40,000 people in order to create the largest functional brain database in the world. 

With his work with athletes, he has worked directly with the National Football League and helped make initial mental diagnosis of brain damage with different players, including Tom Dempsey. Dr. Daniel Amen was able to locate three holes in his brain, but with proper therapy, he was able to correct the mental condition that could have developed.

You can follow Dr. Daniel Amen or Twitter or read more from him on The Huffington Post.

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