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Igor Cornelsen; The Prosperous Life of an Exceptional Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a rather sophisticated leading investment expert and banker from Brazil that now resides in South Florida. Igor Cornelsen is a truly intelligent investor whose had a ton of experience in the world of investing and banking industry. Due to his abundant investment and banking experience, Igor Cornelsen loves leading others in the right direction in their investment journeys and is very well known for giving out excellent hints and advice on investing such as staying invested long term, making only low risk investments, preserving your money, steering away from investing in risky damaged properties and to look more toward certain damaged stock opportunities. Igor Cornelsen’s 3 top most popular tips are to connect with natives, prepare for work and know your foreign-currency restrictions.

Igor Cornelsen has had many high ranked positions in top banks in Brazil before his recent retirement in 2010. Although retired from his top positions in numerous banks, Cornelsen is still currently the owner of the successful British Virgin Island Bainbridge Investment Inc located in the Bahamas. Through the Bainbridge Investment Inc., Cornelsen continues to make more investments and trade securities. Even during Cornelsen’s free time, his focus remains on investing. Other than investing and giving financial advice, Igor Cornelsen also sometimes enjoys spending some of his well earned retirement golfing and is known for being a rather exceptional golfer. Igor has had approximately seven to ten years of experience total in investment management and stock markets. Cornelsen certainly has a true lively passion for investment and banking. He consider investing a hobby as well as a career and expertise.

Igor, now 67 and retired, has guided several top American corporations to utter success financially. Igor Cornelsen has also lead numerous companies through million dollar investments that have turned into major successes for their companies.

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