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Anthony Makes the Cut


The All Star teams have been selected in the National Basketball Association and as it is every single year, there are tons of controversies about who made it onto the team and who got snubbed. A lot of times, some of the best players make the roster despite being injured and not playing much and this has happened to Kobe Bryant over the last several years. It is no shocker that he is on this team, despite recently suffering an injury because he has truly been amazing this year thus far. Carmelo Anthony, on the other hand, is a player that made the team as well and has been putting up decent numbers, but he flat out should not be an All Star this year. He has to be excluded because of how terrible his team has been playing. Carmelo fans like Paul Mathieson have taken to websites like twitter to share their outrage. The New York Knicks may be the worst team in the history of the league and no team that is that terrible should have an All Star that is representing the Conference. It is pretty embarrassing that he will be most likely playing in the game, despite being injured since New Year’s. You would think that if a team possesses a single player with the type of talent that Carmelo Anthony brings to the table with additions like Amare Stoudemire that the Knicks would manage to be even a decent team, but calling them a terrible team is an overstatement this season.

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