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The Skout Application

As someone who lives on their own, I am not always able to get out and meet new people. I don’t have a business network that allows me to mingle with other business professionals, and I don’t have a large group of friends that allows me to join up with their friends. It really is just me and my computer. Due to this, I’m always on the look out for new ways to meet new people. I don’t really want to hang out at the bar at all times of the day, but with certain dating applications, it is possible to start up a conversation and just connect with someone on a personal level, without actually meeting up with them. One of my favorite applications when it comes to this is Skout. Shout is a small application that anyone can download onto their Apple or Android based device and instantly connect with millions of other people.

When I tell people about the Skout application, they often ask if there is a large enough group of people on the application to make it worth their wild. After all, if there are only a handful of options in their city, what’s the point? Well, the Skout application has had over 100 million downloads since its inception in 2007, and while sure, not all accounts are still active, there are dozens of millions of people on the application right now.

I like the ability to easily communicate and talk with other people on the app. It really is probably the best mobile dating application that lets people chat without much of a problem. Thanks to Skout, all of this is possible. There is a pretty good breakdown of the app in general on Crunchbase for people to read through. Of course, it shows how close the individual is to me, which means I am also able to schedule a meet up, should we feel like there is some sort of a connection and we want to meet with one another. Plus, if I’m out, going for a cup of coffee while working, I am able to see who else wants to grab a cup of coffee and from there everything is set.

Outside of that feature, there are some other rather nice options that I really like. First of all, the “Shake to Chat” option is rather addictive. When the application is open, all I need to do is shake my mobile phone and it randomly connects me with someone. This is a cool little way to just randomly start up a connection. Kind of like bumping into someone on the street and just starting a conversation. Sure, it doesn’t always work, but at least the connection is fun, and this Shake to Chat option does not require anyone else to physically run into me.

Due to the fact that I travel a good deal of the time, the “Skout Travel” feature is nice. Plus, I can also check out different areas of the world before I actually go, so I can have some planned interactions with other people in the area before I actually get there. This just adds to the nice feature of the application and allows me to have a truly amazing time when out traveling. Because of this, it really is one of the very best dating and meet up applications out there and I completely recommend it to anyone.

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