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How Has Vijay Eswaran Changed Business In Asia?

Vijay Eswaran has been able to change the way that business works in southeast Asia by starting his QI Group. That company was an MLM at one time,but it has grown over the years to make him one of the richest people in the region. Now that he has the platform, he wants to change the way that people do business in the region. His books and charities alone speak to his desire to help people.

His Books

Vijay has been able to write several books that show people how he manages his life and his businesses. There are many businesses out there that fail because their owners are not sure how to work on the business every day. Vijay has written books that share with people his idea that the day should start with an hour of silence. He has also published books that detail how he is able to grow his company.

Vijay starts every day with an hour of silence that is like a meditation for him. He uses that silence to get ready for the day. This is time to think, and it is time for him to decide what he is going to do that day. People that get into a routine like this are going to have much more success because they are ready for the day.

Also, Vijay has shared his ideas on how to run a business. He wants people to treat their employees well, and he wants there to be as many jobs as possible for the people who need them. He knows that when more businesses succeed, the whole region will benefit. The good heart of Vijay Eswaran is one that drives him to show people how to make their lives better and run their businesses more successfully in the future.

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