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Christopher Cowdray: Hospitality Guru

Christopher Cowdray is known as the success story in the hospitality business. Having worked in various different position over 30 years, Cowdray’s success is recognized around the world. Within this time he has worked various different positions, earning is way to General Manager of the Al Buston Palace Hotel, while service as a Managing Director for Claridges in London.

In 2007, Christopher Cowdray accepted the position of Chief executive officer of Dorchester Collection in London and America. Since this major milestone in his career, Cowdray has expanded his career internationally, becoming manager of hotel chains in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Australia. In present day, the his business is expanding at a rapid rate because luxury travel what customers do the most.The hospitality business around the world have studied Cowdray’s success and tried to implement the same plan in their hotel industries. Christopher Cowdray now gives business lectures on the secret to his success and how anyone with the right mindset can achieve it. This young man did not get successful over night. He spent over 3 decades devoting his life to the hospitality industry to get where he is today.

The hotel chains he manages all offer the key points customers are looking for. Customers enjoy the feel of a local community. Small shops, fine restaurants, and local activity is a feel the customers are drawn to. Customers love to have a spa in the hotels. This chain recognizes everyone needs to be treated like royalty after days of traveling. Each chain offers a complimentary breakfast, as well as a in house dining facility. Christopher Cowdray believes in the his success story is based on the basics of hospitality. The customer is what makes his chain so successful. Courtesy, empathy, understanding, and making sure the customer is satisfied is the key to making your career successful.

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