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BRL Trust is the Name You Can Trust With Your Investments

BRL Trust is a Brazilian investment firm. Since it was first founded in 2005, it has grown exponentially and diversified dramatically to become the financial giant that it is today. In nine short years, its team of highly experienced professionals grew this company into Brazil’s largest independent administrator of investment funds. Safe, efficient, and fully transparent methods have been used by BRL Trust from the beginning, and they have truly earned the trust of their many clients.


BRL Trust serves both individuals and corporations in regard to five areas of investment needs: fiduciary services, fund administration, controlling and custody of funds, asset management, and asset underwriting. Their staff possesses a high level of technical knowledge in all areas in which they are involved. They have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to build lasting business relationships, maintain high standards of integrity, and inspire deep-seated confidence.


Fiduciary Services


BRL Trust’s innovative trustee services deliver the safety and reliability so cherished in today’s global credit market. Their Assets Control System (SCA) specializes in controlling, tracking, monitoring, and collecting loan revenues. The SCA database is large, diversified, and ever-growing, inspiring well-deserved confidence in BRL Trust’s ability to meet the demands of discerning investors. BRL Trust ranks among the best in the business at protecting your investments.


Fund Administration


Having been duly authorized by the Securities Commission (CVM) to act as a manager of funds, BRL Trust administrates over 95 funds that are estimated to have a total value of over 18 billion Brazilian reals (seven billion U.S. dollars.) They have participated in a great number of structured and innovative transactions and know how to expertly manage funds of every type and size.


Controlling and Custody of Funds


BRL Trust offers top-of-the-line custodial and controlling services for your investment funds. They are fully authorized by the CVM to provide these services.


Their custodial services include: custody and settlement of assets, reconciliation of assets with both clearinghouses and depositories, custody of dividends and interest, central management of settlement procedures, attention to lending operations, and facilitation of cash settlements.


Their controlling services include: accurate calculations of shares and profit margins, pricing of assets, tax and payments control, investment fund accounting, reporting of required information to regulatory agencies, and standardized formatting of all reports and data. They also control shareholding, investment, and redemption transactions.


Asset Management


BRL Trust adjusts its methods to the needs of its clients, which include both corporations and individual investors. They serve local Brazilians as well as clients scattered all around the globe. They take asset management very seriously, always proceeding with the utmost care and accountability.


Asset Underwriting


BRL Trust can underwrite various services in the capital market. They tailor their policies in this arena to the needs of each investor and find a risk level that he or she is comfortable with. Their asset underwriting service prepares investors to allocate funds wisely in the context of structured real estate or agri-business deal. This service can also assist in dealing with investment fund quotas.




BRL Trust was originally only a Brazilian loan trusteeship company, but it has now expanded into a global, multi-faceted business. Its staff members have proven themselves to be hard-working, ethical, innovative, and tediously careful with the funds and assets they manage. BRL Trust is indeed a name to be trusted in the world of financial investment.



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