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Beneful: A Trustworthy Dog Food Brand

Beneful has been a top brand of dog food since 2001. Pet owners can choose from dry and wet food options to feed their dogs. There are also plenty of treats that can be used to reward dogs for good behavior.

Nutritional Benefits

Many of the types of food that are available contain ingredients that can greatly improve a dog’s health. Certain products are specifically formulated to help build strong muscles and manage weight. There are even food selections that can make a dog’s coat and skin healthier.

Dry Dog Food

Beneful’s Original dry dog food helps support a healthy immune system and includes real beef. The Healthy Fiesta dry dog food is made with real chicken and is rich in vitamins. The Healthy Radiance formula contains real salmon, wholesome grains and vegetables. Dogs can have their energy levels boosted by feasting on the Playful Life formula. IncrediBites dog food features morsels that make it easier for smaller breeds to eat. Puppies can benefit from the Healthy Growth for Puppies option.

Wet Dog Food

Chopped Blends wet food selections can be found made with beef, chicken, lamb and salmon. The Tuscan Style with Beef provides additional flavor for dogs and contains vegetables like carrots and cabbage. Hearty Roasters sections can be found made with pork and turkey.

Dog Treats and Snacks

Dogs can improve their oral health by chewing on Healthy Smile ridges and twists, as seen in YouTube videos like this one. Hugs from the Baked Delights line are made with beef and cheese and contain soft centers. The Baked Delights line also features Heartfuls, which are delicious apple and bacon treats that have been baked in an oven.

With the wide variety of product options and the numerous nutritional benefits, it is no wonder why so many dog owners continue to trust the Beneful brand.


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