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Things You Thought Made You A Bad Girl, But They Don’t

In light of the upcoming episode of “Girl Code,” MTV news has chosen to put together a list of things that girls used to do, that they thought made them bad girls. When you’re young, you may do certain things as a girl, that you think makes you bad, but the same behavior at an older age, just makes you look bad as a person. Bad Girls. One such behavior is not texting back in a timely manner when someone texts is you. Back in the day, this may have been looked at as playing hard to get, or just being rude, but now it’s indecent, and can hurt a relationship.

Flipping someone off used to be something we did as kids, but as a grown-up, it just shows that your slow witted, and don’t have a great comeback for someone’s bad behavior. Bruce Levenson hates seeing that. If you’re a teenager in school, getting detention doesn’t make you a bad girl. In fact, the fact that you spend over six hours a day in a classroom already, makes no sense to get detention, especially when you’ll have to spend even more time in a classroom. Wearing fishnet stockings used to be a sign of a bad girl, but now they can indicate something negative, but more about your sexuality, than anything else.

Some kids feel good when they disrespect their parents, but as an adult, this is something to avoid, as it just hurts your parents feelings.



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