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North American Spine Does Something Different

North American Spine is a company that brings together specialists that major in orthopedic spine, Neurosurgery, and pain management. Rather than rushing straight to an easy answer, the North American Spine team provides patients with a very thorough case review to determine the best treatment for their spine problems. The North American Spine strives to be minimally invasive with their practices. The North American Spine have many treatment options that are available to patients such as AccuraScope procedures, invasive laser spine surgery, or a spinal fusion. The North American Spine provides the most options.

The North American Spine makes sure they take the least invasive approach possible. For the AccuraScope DND procedure, through a natural opening, the fellowship trained pain management physicians can view directly with a high definition scope, the inflamed and damaged tissues causing the pain and treatment at the same time. The natural techniques that the specialists use have been practiced for decades. There is no need for patients to have spinal surgery’s that have major risks associated with them. Sometimes the specialists are even able to treat the chronic symptoms and then surgery is not even needed.

The North American Spine takes their mission statement seriously and live by their philosophy. The goals of the North American Spine is to help as many people as possible. When meeting with the patients that can lead to a procedure, and sometimes it can lead to the patients trying other options first. The North American Spine takes a holistic and conservative approach. There are so many options when it comes to surgery and treatment so the North American Spine makes sure to carefully draw out all the information so that the patient can easily understand and know what they are going in for. Before rushing straight into surgery the North American Spine will suggest some smaller steps first. Some of the smaller steps are lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, which can extend all the way through traditional open back surgery. The North American Spine take innovative steps to make sure the steps taken are least invasive and safe as can be.

There are also many benefits of the invasive spine procedures such as: minimal scarring, minimal risk of damage to muscles and bones, and less pain in the recovery. There are many benefits such as earlier treatment, less chance for recurrence, and the ability to treat multiple levels of the spine with only one incision.

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