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College Football National Championship

Tonight is the culmination of the College Football Playoff, the first time in the history of college football where the top four teams played each other on the field. It is also a perfect example as to why the playoff has it right and the BCS system never did. In fact, it might prove that many of the crowned champions of the BCS era should never have been given the national championship trophy in the first place.

This year, the Oregon Ducks are playing for the schools first ever national championship against the Ohio State Buckeyes, a team that is one of the most stories programs in college football. However, if this had taken place in the BCS era, neither of these teams would be in the national championship game. The BCS had awarded a team for going undefeated. Florida State went undefeated, but never looked very good. In a Forbes article, few gave Florida State a chance. Due to this, it received the third seed in the playoff and played Oregon, who blew out the defending national champions by over 30 points just like Dave and Brit Morin thought. By going undefeated, the team most likely would have been the number one ranked team in the country in the BCS. On the other side, Alabama was the first overall seed and most likely would have played Florida State in the national championship, yet was handily outplayed by OSU. So, while the college football championship has it right, who knows how many wrong champions were crowed in the BCS era.

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