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John Textor Has Had A Remarkable Film Career

When it comes to the world of movies entrepreneurs are a staple of this line of work. Many of the most popular films where made by the risk taking business men and one of the most successful of this bunch is John Textor. Textor is behind some of the most successful blockbusters while also playing a role in some of the most unique performances ever to happen. Textor’s work in the world of movies have not only created award winning films but also raised the bar on what movies could turn into.

Textor got his education through Wesleyan University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in economics. This would help him start his career when he landed his first job at a private equity firm that was based in Florida. From there he would climb the ladder becoming CEO of the parent company in 2005. The following year John Textor would become the chairman and CEO of Digital Domain and this would begin his work in the movie industry. Before making his first large scale film John Textor over saw the merger and reconstruction of the Digital Domain into the Domain Media Group.

The merger of these two companies lead to the creation of 80 large scale feature films, with John Textor taking the lead of 25 of them. The work that was done under the leadership of John Textor would lead to the company winning an achievement for the visual effects that where done for the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He was the leader for the films Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End both films have received a high level of praise for the on screen visual effects used in both films. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of the most successful franchises created in movie history and still remain a fan choice. Recently John Textor has been serving as chairman for the Pulse Evolution Company. Pulse Evolution specializes in computer software that specializes in recreating human likeness using computer generated graphics.

His work in film doesn’t stop at his praise in the field of special effects. He also has produced a number of very successful block busters as well as some of the most unique on stage performances every seen on stage. The recent movie Ender’s Game was one of the major films in which he worked on the production team. The 2014 Billboard Music awards saw Holographs of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Tupac Shakur. This unique line up of musicians who passed many years ago was brought together by another one of Textor’s production projects. The level of professionalism and creativity the JoHn Textor brings to his project create some of the most highly praised entertainment to come out in decades.

John Texton has not only shown himself to be successful in his movie ventures but also has shown that he is a game changer. The advances that his companies have been able to make have taken films to a whole new level. His use of computer graphics as a way to enhance movies while still showing all of the minor details have left him almost in a league of his own. With what we have already seen come out of his work, what his future projects are going to bring are sure to be as exciting if not more than his previous work.

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