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Dana White Wants Welterweight Trilogy

Johnny Hendricks will be fighting Robbie
Lawler for a third time. The two welterweight bombers have lost the title to each other in the past. The president of the UFC, Dana White, has confirmed that a third fight will be taking place. Dana White wants the trilogy to be complete before anyone else gets a title shot.

Rory Macdonald, the current number 1 contender for the UFC welterweight title, is not too angered about the announcement. It had been long rumored that Macdonald would face the winner of the Lawler versus Hendricks 2 fight. Things quickly change when there is more money to be made.

Dana White has a different plan. He realized that a Macdonald versus Lawler matchup would not create as much interest as the completion of the epic trilogy between Lawler and Hendricks. Besides, Lawler and Macdonald have already fought. Robbie Lawler came out the victor in their first meeting. The fight was close, but Robbie Lawler clearly beat Rory Macdonald.

In this rare instance, most UFC fans have found it hard to disagree with Dana White’s decision. The trilogy between Johnny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler should be completed before any other welterweight title fight occurs. Their first two fights were action packed according to Qnet users, and extremely competitive. A true victor will be decided in the third and hopefully final fight between the two welterweight warriors.


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