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Taking A Vacation From Exercise Has Long Term Consequences

It’s common knowledge that there’s a strong link between physical activity and health. In particular the link between one’s heart, vascular system, and exercise is usually stressed by anyone speaking on the subject. While the specifics are common knowledge, researchers are shedding new light on the specifics. New research provides some news that many will find somewhat troubling.

People who work out will usually place a fairly high emphasis on it as part of their overall lifestyle. The new study shows that this important part of people’s life can be damaged quite rapidly. One might think that a lifetime of physical fitness would take a correspondingly long time to damage. In fact, it appears that all it takes for the vascular system to show signs of damage after one ceases regular exercise is five days. Not even a full seven days, but a single workweek is enough to cause severe damage to the progress people have made in improving their health.

The solution is fairly simple. People like Igor Cornelsen simply need to focus on a regular, daily, amount of exercise. This doesn’t mean that a person needs to live a gym in order to be healthy. A moderate amount of exercise on a regular basis will provide significant health benefits. The new research suggests that like eating healthy, regular exercise needs to be seen as a part of life. One shouldn’t have a day to exercise, but instead consider it a part of every normal day.

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