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Latest Rambo Title Revealed

Sylvester Stallone is at it again. He will be donning his infamous muscle shirt, camo and headband again for the latest installment in the Rambo saga, RAMBO: Last Blood, which he tweeted about on December 28. The franchise started in 1982 with First Blood. This project is being written and directed by Stallone himself, and will certainly please the fan base. The last Rambo film produced was back in 2013 titled simply, RAMBO.

Stallone is currently working on a few other projects this year, which excites Jared Haftel. He is working on a reprise of his Rocky role for the upcoming movie Creed, which follows Apollo Creed’s grandson Adonis. He is also working on a film about gangster Scarpa which is expected to be very good.

Stallone is very comfortable playing the tough guy, the underdog who wins the day, or the man who surprises them all. His movies have a very passionate following, not unlike Bruce Willis and the Die Hard franchise. These movies indicate a big year for Stallone and action movie fans alike.

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