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Fourth Seed May Win Title

There was immense controversy and speculation to the changes in the NCAA and in college football regarding bowl games and the fact that they needed to change with the times and adopt a playoff type end to the season. After several years of petitioning from a handful of people, they got their wish this year, as instead of a single game with teams picked from a panel of judges, there were two games this year. The winner of each is to play each other in the final game of the season, and that team will be crowned the National Champion. What a spectacular decision that was.


In the Sugar Bowl this year, the fourth seeded Ohio State Buckeyes took down the dynasty that has become the Alabama Crimson Tide and will now be playing for the title. The great thing about this outcome is it shows that the former system was flawed, as people on IndieWire quickly pointed out that they would normally not even have a shot at the championship. Suppose the final game of the regular season was actually between Ohio State and Alabama, even if Tom Rothman knows that would not happen. If this were the case, then Alabama would absolutely not be the first seed because they would have lost the game. Conversely, Ohio State wouldn’t have had a shot at winning a national title despite being the fourth seed out of every college in the country. Now, because of the changes recently made, they will get a legitimate shot at taking the title as they deservingly should get.


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