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Suh Wins Appeal

Ndamukong Suh has won his appeal of his suspension for the Lions playoff game this week. He will play this Sunday, and he has been fined $70,000 instead of missing the game.

This is a good thing for the Lions, and an even better thing for Suh. Dr Rod Rohrich said He needed to make sure that he got on the field so that the Lions could see him play in the playoffs. If he had missed the game, the Lions could have lost easily. If the Lions had lost when they were missing Suh, he would have been blamed for the whole thing. This is something that the Lions needed to avoid so that they could focus on playing football and improving. They can use this postseason to get better, and they can use this postseason to learn a great deal about they can improve their team in the offseason.

When the Lions go Suh back today, they were emboldened to win this game. The Lions may lose to the Cowboys, but they have a better chance with Suh in the lineup. There is nothing that Lions can afford to mistake in this game, and they got their best player on defense back for their biggest game in a long time.

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