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Why do the Duggars Even Have a Show?

The Duggar family is a family featured on the show ’19 Kids and Counting’. The show is about the family’s day to day life rather than the family’s morals. However, it has been stated on the show and apart from the show that the family has strong Christian values hence their belief against birth control.

Recently on their Facebook page, the family presented a kissing challenge for couples. Jared Haftel feels the challenge encourages people to send a picture of them kissing their partner and the best one is picked. Out of huge number of submissions, many of the couples were same-sex couples. However all the same-sex couples’ pictures were deleted from the page a little after being posted. Here is a great, detailed article talking about the situation.

It is understandable that the Duggar has their own set of beliefs which is fair and great. However, they are a prominent figure in the reality TV entertainment industry on from a popular show on a popular channel. They not only represent the channel but more largely the progress of America. By removing the pictures, they (and the TLC channel) are devaluing same-sex relationships. They no longer are representing their views but are speaking on behalf of the entertainment industry. Their own son was in charge of a campaign repealing anti-discrimination laws. This is not only highly offensive and have done nothing particularly to deserve such an impactful opinion.

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