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Quick Money for “The Interview”


A lot of quick money has been surfacing from profits in web streaming, but “The Interview” takes things to a new level. “The Interview” had more than¬†2 million¬†views in 4 days. It is possible that the movie would have made more in theaters on a wider scale, but people have to consider the background.

When one steps back to look at the consequences surrounding the film, it is surprising to find out that the movie has done as well as it did. This was a film that made news headlines because the plot of the film was so controversial. I heard Bruce Levenson discussing how since now people have actually seen the film it is bound to get some more controversy brewing.

“The Interview” is one of those films that brings out people that like controversy. There were people that probably would not have seen the film if it was not drenched in controversy. The Sony hack only made this movie more desirable in the eyes of moviegoers. Once Sony backed down and cancelled the Christmas day release it became evident that fans would rally. Major theaters refused to show and President Barack Obama even got asked questions about it during a press conference. It was official: this was a movie that people that fans had to see. When small independent theaters decides to run it there was a case of pandemonium that resulted in sold out tickets.

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