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Survival from Heart Conditions Increases When the Cardiologist is Away

Chances of surviving a major heart complication increase when the cardiologist is away at a medical conference. This news, according to a recent study is quite a shocker. This study looked at three serious heart-related maladies: heart failure, cardiac arrest and acute myocardial infarction. The central measuring parameter of the study was whether or not the patient was still alive 30 days after being admitted for this condition.

The results found that deaths from heart failure and cardiac arrest dropped by a statistically significant degree at those times when cardiologists would be away at major medical conferences. The main thing these researchers are working on now is why this is the case. They are working a number of theories, but one seems to be the leading contender.

When cardiologists are away, the remaining medical staff tend to be more conservative in their treatment regimen. This is what Sam Tabar has noticed. After all, the ‘expert’ is away, so the focus is on doing what is minimally needed to sustain the life of the patient until they are back. This seems to indicate that a more aggressive and interventionist medical approach to handle heart conditions may not be the best solution. Sometimes the best medical science can manage is to do as little intervention as is medically advisable, and then allow the patient to recover. That, of course, will not get the cardiologist on the cover of the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association for the breakthrough medical procedure they developed.

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