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Stop Sign Ahead

A routine traffic stop turned out to be anything but routine for this 17-year-old girl. Audra Daniloff had the surprise of her life when the officer who pulled her over handed her a ticket to go to New York instead of a traffic fine. This brave teenager had a horrendous year battling a disease called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, which is an illness that attacks the immune system. This girl spent over 58 days in the hospital in Wisconsin, and her father wants to give her something extraordinary for Christmas this year. When the officer pulled over this terrified teen and took her license to “check”, he returned and told her she was getting two tickets; one to go to New York and another to see your favorite band of all time. The officer who participated in this over-the-top Christmas gift says it was a good use of resources and was happy to be of help, which makes Susan McGalla happy.

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