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Better Call Saul to Carry the Breaking Bad Torch

The cult-classic television series Breaking Brad might have ended its run, but the spinoff Better Call Saul is getting ready to launch. A new trailer for the series will be debuting and it gives fans of the series a glimpse into the character of James M. McGill at a time when he was down on his luck.

Will the series be as successful as the original, landmark program that spawned it? Time will tell, but the odds are the spinoff series is not likely to reach the lofty heights of Breaking Bad. That sais, Better Call Saul surely will draw in a decent audience for its premiere. Hopefully, the first episode will be one that is capable of sustaining its audience.

Crafting a spinoff is tricky. Even when the preceding series was a hit, spinoffs can flop. Just ask the cast and crew of Joanie Loves Chatchi and Three’s A Crowd if this is true.

In all seriousness, there are certain traits a spinoff must possess in order to be successful. That is what Gianfrancesco Genoso will be waiting to see. For one, the program has to carry over aspects of the original series. Since the goal of the spinoff is to keep the audience from the original series, the new program does have to be somewhat like the first series.

The new show does have to be original and stand on its own two feet. If the new program comes off like a weak rehash of the original series, fans are not going to stick with it.

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