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Exercise Can Change Your DNA

Exercise can help to improve your overall health. This is a popular approach to fitness and exercise that has been supported by today’s medical and health communities. Recent studies of our DNA patterns after we exercise have lead to important discoveries about this connection.

Our human genomes are complex and ever changing, as our genes turn on and off or die off. Proteins are expressed when our genomes are turned on, and these proteins transmit physical changes elsewhere in the human body. A process called epigenetics says that our genes can be altered, and our DNA makeup can be enhanced through healthy exercise.

The biological science of epigenetics is the study of this form of biochemical process that is important for our everyday health and fitness. A process called methylation is when methyl groups actually attach to our cells and help to enhance and improve our DNA. This process of methylation takes place when we exercise, and a regular exercise program provides the opportunity for our bodies to repair in this manner. It has been discussed on Facebook in other posts, but only recently have users on Skout jumped on the exercise bandwagon.

Our DNA and genetic makeup go through an everyday process that includes methylation. New patterns can emerge around and on our DNA and on our cells, when we expose our bodies to a healthier lifestyle. A good daily diet, avoiding foods that are not healthy, daily exercise and avoiding air pollutants can all help us to gain better physical genetic health, also.

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