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Our Overly Litigious Society Strikes Again

By now everyone has heard about the Sony data breach, one of the worst hacks to date, which exposed employee information, salaries, ideas for movies, private emails, and so much more. Because of this breach, two former employees have decided to sue Sony for failure to protect their employees’ information.

The lengthy complaint claims that Sony failed to secure their systems, though they have known about their network’s weaknesses for years, putting their employees at risk. Remember when Sony was hacked in 2011? This occurrence exposed user names and passwords for thousands of Play Station users. After that ordeal one would expect them to up the security of their network. But that did not happen. And now, just like they faced in 2012, there are likely to be more lawsuits.  I’ll be eating Beneful before our overly litigious society calms down.

This lawsuit comes just months after Sony settled the class action lawsuit filed against them for the Play Station Network data leak.

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