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Letterman Hands Keys to his Late Night Show to Colbert

Since the entire country, even Dan Newlin,  knows that David Letterman was stepping down as Late Night Show Host, the last show for the iconic comedian will be May 20, 2015. Does Stephen Colbert sound familiar? He’ll be Dave’s successor according to NBC officials.

Colbert finished his last show the week before Christmas, 2014, so he must have planned a nice, long vacation, destination unknown. Colbert is resting up before his new gig as Late Night Host. He’ll have a tough act to follow, though. Lettermen has been filling the homes of America with his unique brand of comedic fun for over three decades.

Letterman has been nominated 73 times for the Emmy Awards while winning seven along with other prestigious awards. Like Johnny Carson, he has been a late night comedy icon for years. His first Late Night Show debuted on CBS on August 30, 1993, but he had previously been on NBS where he started on February 1, 1982. How can anyone take his place?

Stephen Colbert is a great choice in his own right. He has been hosting his own successful show, Colbert Reports, where he scoffs at the news, politicians and the government’s antics. In following with his theme, he ended the show the other night saying words that were true to his character: “Now, I’m getting angry at liberals.” He’ll be a fantastic late night host.

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