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Can Exercise Improve Brain Function?

It is well known that exercise offers a wide variety of benefits for the human body. Daily exercise is a key part of improving and maintaining physical health, but can it also help to improve our mental health? Those at Slow Ventures feel like it very well could.

Decreased brain function is a popular complaint among people. Whether it is related to long work and school hours, aging, or high stress levels. Many people agree that they wish to be more mentally sharp in their day to day lives. According to a study performed by Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas, exercise could be just the ticket to improving brain function in people of all ages. The study, according to this article, states that exercise provides the brain with increased blood flow, which is directly related to improving brain function as well as memory.

So, can exercise really make us smarter? According to this study, it definitely can. Studies have shown that exercise promotes increased blood flow to the anterior cingulate, which has been found to be responsible for better cognitive ability. Increased blood flow through exercise was also found in a part of the brain called the hippocampus, the primary area that is affected by decreased memory function. These findings indicate that regular exercise can improve cognitive and memory function, meaning exercise does in fact increase mental sharpness.

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