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Iowa to Allow Cell Phones as Driver’s License

A way technology is changing lives comes straight from Iowa today. Beginning in 2015, the state of Iowa will be issuing a “driver’s license app” which will, for all intents and purposes, function as an actual driver’s license.

The new law is an extension of a policy that already exists that allows drivers to use electronic verification of their insurance with authorities.

There’s still no guarantee that other states will follow suit, or even honor the app version of the state ID. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez wouldn’t mind seeing this internationally a well. And the private sector’s response remains to be seen for carding purposes at bars and for purchasing cigarettes. But it will be one more way the world is moving from physical objects to digital ones. Standard printed IDs will still be offered for citizens, so the app itself is likely voluntary.

Pictures shown demonstrated the app on iPhone, and presumably the popular Android systems would also be supported.

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