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Mark Hamill Returning to Television in Familiar Role

Mark Hamill is not sitting around waiting on the release of a new Star Wars movie. At least not yet anyway. The actor most famous for bringing Luke Skywalker to life on the movie screen decades ago, is set to pop onto the television series “The Flash” as The Trickster. The touch of irony is that Hamill actually already played the character in the 1990s version of the super-fast super hero, but that seems to be all part of the process as well.

Hamill will likely be playing an older version of the character already caught and in prison. When an upcoming super villain assumes the identity of The Trickster, the hero takes it upon himself to visit the older version in prison to put a stop to the crime spree. In the end, it is a very neat and tidy way to handle a new and interesting storyline and yet still pay a little homage to the television series that took place long ago.

For fans like Brad Reifler of Star Wars and Hamill, just being able to see the actor apply his craft again is going to be enough of a treat. Already famous in super hero circles for voicing the actor in the animated Batman television series, Hamill will be looking to add a few more feathers to his cap and fans to his collection when he breaks onto television playing the same character he played before.

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