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Improving Your Career Aspirations With Jared Haftel, Investment Analyst in a Writer’s Skin

Jared Haftel is a Duke University graduate, where he attended 2005-2009. By graduation, Jared Haftel had been awarded his bachelor’s degrees for Science, Mathematics and Economics. The degrees would prove to be essential in his career choice of investment banking and financial analysis.

Building Blocks
Haftel worked a summer internship with Credit Suisse in 2008, after which he was hired by Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst. His duties included:

  • Commodities trading
  • Being well focused on metals,

Writing Encroaches Upon Economics
He managed during this financial career to also sandwich in writing articles for the Duke Chronicles, and became a serious blogger and poster on the internet Twitter and Facebook media. His writing skills as evidenced on those social media sites reveal a person who was educated in science and mathematics analysis, but also had a strong creative writing flair and interest. Perhaps he is actually a frustrated journalist with a day job.

Today and Tomorrow
Jared Haftel currently serves as an investment banker for the Bank of America, as well as an associate for Vector Capital. His career within investment banking seems assured, and he certainly is qualified for it in expertise and education.

It would be a shame if Haftel never tries his wings as a writer. His posts online are significant and worth the read. He enjoys a two-way posting conversation with others on the social media, and it is there Haftel is in his element, matching wit for wit and succinctly directing his point to the viewers.

So Many Careers, So Little Time
Typical of high energy business analysts as well as the creative writer emotional make up, Haftel is self assured and yet has a volatile drive propelling him along in his career moves. It is hoped that he can establish himself into one specialization, be it financial economics or creative writing on Facebook, and devote his expressive energies to it until he becomes the go-to authority he craves to be.

Otherwise, his peers are reminded of the old adage, “Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach.” It is possible that a professorship in the many fields in which he is skilled and expert would be the most comfortable career tenure for Haftel.

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