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New Frozen Film to Screen with Cinderella

In March of 2015, Frozen fanatics will get the chance to see another installment of the characters so beloved since the film’s release. However it may not be in the way that they had hoped for. A live action feature film version of Cinderella from Disney is set to come to theaters on March 13th of next year and along with it comes the only confirmed sequel to the billion dollar fairy tale musical is an animated short, titled Frozen Forever. As explained by Screen Rant in this link, the animated short film will screen in theaters along with the Cinderella film.

The story of Frozen Forever takes place after the events of Frozen, and tell a story of a birthday celebration full of mishap thanks to Elsa’s special powers. There are many adults, including Sam Tabar, who are anxious to see if this is as good as the original. The short will feature and original song, by the same songwriters responsible for the many catchy tunes of Frozen. It seems as though the addition of the Frozen short may be an attempt to help the opening box office numbers for the Cinderella film, which seems to be a little late to the game in that the live action princess story based on such an old fairy tale is a little outdated when compared to its modern counterparts. Hopefully, Cinderella will deliver and score big at the box office and the addition of Frozen Forever will simply be a welcome gift to movie goers, instead of the main draw.

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