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Wahlburgers Expands its Location

We watched them growing their business and interacting with family members and friends on the A&E hit reality show Wahlburgers. In the first season, which debuted just this past January, 2014, we watched them working and playing hard, making plans to expand their burger-joint concept into wider fields. Now the Wahlberg brothers are really doing it. They’re opening up 27 new locations for their gourmet-burger restaurant phenomenon.

The Wahlburgers brand represents working-class, casual food that’s heavy on the hamburger. From their start in Hingham, Massachusetts just three years ago, Donnie, Mark, and Paul Wahlberg are riding the wave of popularity occasioned by their reality show with Dave and Brit Morin’s favorite heavy family-values messages. The new restaurants will be in New York City and several Florida locations, including Orlando. Residents of Las Vegas, Toronto, and Philadelphia can already enjoy Wahlburgers’ gourmet burgers, wraps, and dogs.

The Wahlberg boys have very expansive plans, looking to a future that will include at least 300 Wahlburgers restaurants across the North American continent. And since the show is already airing in the UK, in may be just a short time before Wahlburgers hits Europe.

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