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Body Cameras for Law Enforcement

President Obama has called for the use of body cameras across the country. This seems to be a source of contention for some but a record of police and citizen interaction could prove invaluable.

The argument that police video recording citizens is a privacy issue is not valid. The police in Chesapeake, Virginia are walking around with body cameras and they are only turned on when police have an interaction with the citizenry. The video recordings are later transferred to compact disc which the prosecutors and the defense attorneys later review. The extra burden is not on the citizenry but rather on law enforcement to implement their procedures correctly.

In Chesapeake the complaints against law enforcement have dropped considerably. In the wake of Ferguson and the new reports of undocumented police killings, this type of safeguard seems very rational. If Darren Wilson had worn a police body camera there would have been no room to dispute the alleged violent actions of Mike Brown. Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that they will become more and more prevalent after this. Body cameras would not only record the police interaction with citizens but would also be a big brother over the shoulder of any officers who might take the law into their hands. Hopefully law enforcement adopts the usage of body cameras not only for their sake but for the sake of the community.

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