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Thomas Rothman’s Career and Current Post with Sony Pictures

While media executive Thomas Rothman has filled posts with several different media companies and organizations- such as Fox Filmed Entertainment and the Samuel Goldwyn Companyhis current role is as chairman of a special joint venture at Sony Pictures. In his current role at Sony, Thomas Rothman is serving as chairman of a venture that involves producing both films and television programs with the TriStar Banner.

Rothman’s acquisition of this position at Sony puts to use his history of accumulating impressive profits for the media companies he has worked for in the past. Rothman was with Fox Filmed Entertainment for 18 years, and this period reportedly included the most profitable decade in the entire history of the company. In 1994, Rothman founded Fox Searchlight, which is among one of the Fox entities to which Rothman contributed that took part in bringing in more than $8 billion in annual revenues for Fox Filmed Entertainment.

As shown on his website, he produced some widely profitable and memorable films at Fox, like Life of Pi, Avatar, and Titanic. Other successes to which Rothman contributed include the X-men franchise and the Ice Age series. Rothman’s accomplishments at Sony have made him one of the most highly regarded creative producers in filmmaking.

Prior to hiring Rothman, Sony had been lagging behind as a star in the world of media and filmmaking. Sony stockholders were clearly beginning to fret over foreboding signs such as a number of big stars leaving Sony pictures and the absence of huge bestsellers coming from the media company. The lack of strong success even led to a feeling at Sony that many were beginning to feel that the company should get out of the entertainment business. With Rothman at the helm, the company is standing by his statement to the LA Times that he will “make hits.”

Rothman’s successes did not begin at Fox Filmed Entertainment. Popular films that were produced by the Samuel Goldwyn Company while Rothman was working there included Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, Truly Madly Deeply, and Wild at Heart. Working for the Samuel Goldwyn Company, Rothman helped several rising filmmakers make considerable progress on their paths towards international stardom, including Kenneth Branagh and Ang Lee. Prestigious awards such as the Palme D’Or at Cannes were given for films from the Samuel Goldwyn Company during Rothman’s time with the company as well. He also received a Lifetime Achievement Honor from Gothham Awards.

Even before Samuel Goldwyn, Rothman had been filling the role of executive vice president at Columbia Pictures. At Columbia, he was known for co-producing the films Candy Mountain and Down By Law. Before going into filmmaking, Rothman had been working as a law clerk and as an English teacher after completing university studies at Columbia Law School and Brown University.

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