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Rex Ryan Unravels During Interview After Loss to Miami Dolphins Monday Night

Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, has been growing increasingly frustrated with his team. His demeanor during post-game interviews have attested to that. Ryan, who is often known to be a non-nonsense interviewee, has grown increasingly agitated as the Jet’s record continues to slide.

After Monday evening’s last minute loss to the Miami Dolphin’s Ryan stated “Man… Damn… I can’t believe we’re 2 and 10, what a joke.” The statement was made to no one in particular.

The Jets have struggled for several seasons now, with a string of failed quarterbacks and a passing game that is the worst in the league. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel if you ask Susan McGalla. The Jets have failed to make the playoffs since 2010, the second year that Ryan was the head coach of the team. During his first year with the Jets he led the team into the AFC Championship Game.

Since then, however, the team has struggled to acquire a useful quarterback, and they have lacked the passing game necessary to compete at the NFL level. Their record, of 2 and 10 is among the worst in the league, and all playoff aspirations have long since dissolved.

While Ryan unravels public, rumor has it he is also unraveling in the locker room. His job, according to sources, could be on the line. Ryan has yet to produce an AFC Championship win during his tenor with the Jets, and his effectiveness has only diminished as his time with the team drags on. Many fans feel new blood in the coaching staff is what the Jets need to succeed.

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