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“Breaking Bad” Prequel Is Almost Here

Teaser trailers have started creeping on to the internet to prepare us for the highly-anticipated “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul”. The most recent trailer features what appears to be the first meeting between Saul and Mike, his heavy.

A little information has been revealed as far as what the series is in relation to “Breaking Bad”. This show will technically be a prequel, set in 2002. What this means is that theoretically any of the characters from Breaking Bad can appear on the show if need be.

Aaron Paul, who played Jessie on “Breaking Bad”, had talks with the producers but claims that he won’t be appearing on “Saul” any time soon. He might just be saying that to preserve the surprise.

An appearance by Bryan Cranston, the protagonist of “Breaking Bad” seems very likely. Why? Because he will be directing episodes of “Saul”. He’ll be standing right there. Why wouldn’t they use him, especially in the early going to help get the show off and running. Jared Haftel would certainly like to see it.

The biggest question mark of the whole “Better Call Saul” show seems to be the casting of journeyman actor Michael McKean as Saul’s brother. McKean is a funny man, but some wonder if he is a good fit for the tone of this show.

The success of the show ultimately will lie in the hands of the writers and star Bob Odenkirk. “Breaking Bad” left on a very high note without overstaying it’s welcome, and thus “Saul” seems like it has a good chance to be a big hit.

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