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The Walking Dead’s Midseason Tradition

Every year, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” hits users with a shocking midseason finale. Warning: spoiler alert!

Last year, it was the loss of beloved healer, father-figure and mentor Hershel Greene who was beheaded by the Governor, Philip Blake during the destruction of the prison. These events quickly lead to the core characters being split up until they escaped the horrifying cannibal-ruled “sanctuary” known as Terminus.

It’s no surprise that someone died in TWD. After all, it’s a yearly tradition. At least one core character typically dies during the midseason finale. 

This year, a lot of fans were surprised though that the choice was Beth Greene.

Some fans believed that the writers wouldn’t take out another Greene at midseason — especially given that Rick and the gang had been searching for her since Daryl informed them that he lost her to people driving a car with a white cross on the back window. Additionally, Beth experienced a lot of personal growth while at Grady Hospital.

Lee G. Lovett says that others thought that Carol, who has become the most well-rounded character since she went from being a battered housewife to a natural leader and killing machine, would die since she was injured.

Yet, Beth was the one to fall in a surprisingly turn of events: She stabbed Dawn during a prisoner exchange. Beth’s sacrifice likely saved everyone from Dawn’s insanity, but many viewers are in shock about this plot twist.

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