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‘Serial’ Announces a Season Two

For those of you who are intently listening to the podcast entitled Serial, the podcast spin-off of The American Life, there is great news! Serial has been confirmed for a second season thanks to those who have donated money and the sponsors. However, they do not know at this time what the story will be or exactly when the season will start. The Serial blog states that they will be working on it as soon as season one ends.

Season one of Serial follows the story of Adnan Syed. Syed has been accused and convicted of killing his Baltimore high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999. Sarah Koenig, the host of the podcast, unfolds this true story by diving head first into evidence, witnesses, and Adnan Syed himself. The show airs weekly with various information about the case, so it is important to listen from the beginning episode. Ray Lane has developed into a pretty big fan. The best part about this show is that Sarah will not know how the story ends or unfolds until you get there too. Koenig interviews key witnesses and Syed throughout the show and even brings up inconsistencies in the case.

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