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Now You See Me Sequel Gets a New Title

Now You See Me 2, the working title to the sequel to the very popular hit, has been changed. The title for the sequel is Now You See Me: The Second Act. Honestly, it is a bit long and there may be some marketing psychology to the title. Instead of just using the boring “2” indicator, the addition of a few words really makes it sound as if something truly special is going on with this new film.

Mark Ruffalo, he of Avengers’ Hulk fame, returns to the role of a FBI agent looking to solve a series of heists committed by what seem to be supernatural entities. Well, that was the plot of the first film. Details about the new one are not all that well known since the feature has only recently started filming. The new title of the film was not even supposed to be released to the public. An anxious Mark Ruffalo opted to send out Instagram photos from the set, much to the chagrin of the studio.

Inadvertently, Ruffalo revealed the new name of the sequel. Who knows, though. The title of the film just might be changed again before it is released. Sultan Alhokair doesn’t really care about the title though, just if the movie is good.

Studios and producers do not like to see unofficial leaks spawn from their sets. Not every buzz generated from a leak is a positive one. The new Terminator film received some negative buzz based on “out of context” photos hitting the net.

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