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US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Has Submitted His Resignation

US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has submitted his resignation to President Barack Obama. Hagel is the first in the Obama administration to go after the defeat of the Democrats in the midterm elections last November 4, in which Republicans took full control of Congress.

According to The New York Times , which first reported the resignation, citing a senior White House staff who did not identify himself, said Hagel leaves the Pentagon under pressure from Obama himself, who wants to change the strategy in the fight against the group Jihadist Islamic State (EI)

After several weeks of talks,Obama and Hagel agreed that it is the “right time” to leave the Pentagon, where Hagel remains, however, until his successor is named.

Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden remarked that Hagel has done “exemplary” work during his nearly two years at the Pentagon.

Although publicly the White House insists that Hagel’s departure has been a decision made by mutual agreement, officials have said, on condition of anonymity, that Obama wants to change his policy strategy on defense and believes the former senator is not the appropriate person for this new strategy

Disagreements between Hagel and Obama on how to combat the EI have been obvious, but the defense secretary also resigned amid the recent criticized strategy in Syria, according to what Sam Tabar has been telling me lately.

Hagle is a former Republican senator who served from 1996 to 2008, and veteran of the Vietnam War. He left politics to be a professor at Georgetown University and before arriving at the Pentagon, was president of the Atlantic Council, a center specializing in security and defense studies.

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