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Do Not Add More To The College Playoff

There are some who are already clamoring to add more teams to the college playoff system that has just been set up this year. The current system calls for the top four teams to have a playoff in order to determine an overall winner and national champion. Despite the fact that the system has yet been put to the test, says that there are some who want more.

The problem with adding more teams to the playoff is the fact that doing so would mean that some teams which have dropped a number of games would still get their chance at winning the big prize. It would not fairly give the teams that have performed well throughout the year the chance to take home the big prize easily. In fact, some such as Sergio Lins Andrade say that such a system would actually reward teams that are not putting forward much of an effort. It would give teams that have lost two or maybe even three games in the season the chance to win the national championship. Overall, adding more teams would also mean that there would be still more controversy in the college football system. Finally, it would add more grueling games to the already long season that is college football.

Perhaps we should all take a step back and see how this first playoff season turns out before we are so eager to jump to add more teams to it.

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