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‘Awesome Mix’ Free for a Limited Time

If you have watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” this year, then you might just have taken to listening to Peter Quill’s electric “Awesome Mix Vol.1.” This soundtrack proved to be a major aspect of the movie’s success and definitely had fans singing its 60s and 70s songs.

It is a welcome treat for fans of both the movie, and the music of the soundtrack is now free to download for a limited time. 

In a movie with aliens, humanoid trees and gun-wielding raccoons, film enthusiasts Dave and Brit Morin said that the catchy tunes helped the audience remain grounded. And although the movie is definitely hilarious, it is not without sad scenes. The soundtrack helped established this with happier songs being used for otherwise sadder scenes. It gave a sense of irony at the same time with an underlying message of staying positive in trying times.

Director James Gunn revealed that while shooting the movie, their sound team played some of these songs on set. He said that it helped them a lot and made everyone, not just the actors but also the camera operators, get the perfect feel of the scene. 

Recently, Gunn made an important announcement revealing more songs that did not make the official soundtrack, but were helpful during their shoot. They called it “Awesome Mix Vol. Zero” and it included tracks such as “Never Wanted to Dance” by Mindless Self Indulgence and “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance.

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