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Goosebumps Comes to the Screen in 2015

R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps novels are being adapted for the screen. Well, the novels are not being adapted directly. Rather, they are inspiring the plot of a new Goosebumps film. Basically, two teens find themselves trapped in a world where the creatures from the Goosebumps novel come to life.

So, instead of one novel being adapted or several novels being turned into an anthology, the Goosebumps movie will be a monster rally featuring zombies, vampires, scarecrows come to life, and more. 

(Sounds a bit like the synopsis of the Scary Stories Come to Life adaption which, in turn, sounded a lot like Stephen King’s IT)

Launched in the early 1990’s, Goosebumps novels were very, very successful and this was intriguing since horror was a dying genre at the time. (Fangoria Magazine famously had Batman Returns on its front cover once because no horror movies were coming out at the time) Kids ate up the strange novels and they sold massively. TV adaptations were crafted, but no big screen version was produced. All that is changing in 2015.

The children’s monster and horror series Goosebumps could be considered a cross between Judy Bloom and Stephen King. The books were assuredly not written in a “kiddie vein” as they were pretty scary and never talked down to their audience. At the same time, the language and style of the works never loss their direct connection and appeal to kids.

Film goer Ken Griffin recalls the R.L. Stine novels being quite scary – maybe the Goosebumps film will help thrust the Horror genre back to its glory days.

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